Wednesday, May 11, 2011

this is a springtime dressing PSA...

Okay, as you may have noticed, spring is really here. We are in the throws of those glorious months where the temperatures hover around pleasant for days on end, and the sun is a little less choosy about when it shines.

I just feel like I need to remind some people about how wonderful transition seasons are. So many of you out there see that the temperature has reached 60 degrees, and all the sudden you're sleeveless, you're be-sandaled and you're wearing cut-off shorts. Slow down. Take a deep breath. Smile to yourself because it's not yet July, and not even a little bit humid. There's a light breeze out there just waiting to ruffle your hair and toss the hem of your trench around a little.

Spring and fall are the most fun seasons to dress in. Now is the time that all your clothes are meant to be worn. They are just dying to be taken out on the town in new and quirky ways. It's time for layers.

Celebrate open jackets and cardigans worn over blouses. Give thanks for cashmere sweaters and button downs. Treat your ankles to cropped pants and shoes with no socks. Rejoice that you can retire your tights, but appreciate that it's not yet nothing-but-short-shorts time. If you're going to wear shorts, layer up your tops. Wear a flowy, silk dress with a blazer. Pair your navy trousers with wedges and a waistcoat over your tee shirt. Play with short and long, mix them up. Try a hat. Give that socks-and-chunky-heels thing a whirl. There will be a time for mini skirts and flip flops, I promise.

Please, please take advantage of all the ways to work your wardrobe right now. Please understand the beauty of being completely comfortable outside, in your favorite jeans, a pair of ballet flats and an oxford cloth shirt. Please throw a light, floral scarf around your neck. It's the season for whimsy and creativity in your closet, my friends, and I just don't want it to pass you by.

J. Crew Spring 2011
Atlantic - Pacific
Gossip Girl season 2


  1. Love this post! and I agree a bout being happy with this weather. Sadly. in Minnesota is very VERY humid but I still appreciate that it stopped snowing :)

  2. I love the J.Crew lookbook - the way color is integrated with neutrals is tres chic!

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