Monday, May 9, 2011

{outfit post} savage beauty...

Not me, McQueen! On a deliciously sunny and warm late Sunday morning, Meghan and I met on the steps of The Met to see the exhibit the fashion world has been buzzing about for months - Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.

Believe the hype, give in to the excitement, and get yourself to this wonderful feast for your couture-loving senses. There are over 150 examples of the late designer's work, from gowns made of clam shells to a headpiece of butterflies. Not to mention that mesmerizing hologram of Kate Moss. I found the exhibit to be vastly superior than last year's efforts of the Costume Institute, so don't be thrown off if you were disappointed by their retrospective of American fashion.

Meghan and I drifted slowly from room to room, absolutely bug-eyed over the creations from McQueen's time at Givenchy and his eponymous label, some on loan from the design houses, and many from the personal collection of Isabella Blow, now looked after by Daphne Guinness.

Per usual for a Sunday in New York City, I woke feeling under-rested but overly-excited to get going and get an iced coffee in my veins. After seeing that the forecast promised sunny skies and pleasing temperatures, I opted for my spring go-to of shorts and close-toed shoes - oh, and a turband, obviously.

Gap sweater and (Tully's) Gap shorts; vintage belt; DV Dolce Vita tassel flats; American Apparel carry all; Anthropologie scarf; Ray Ban Avaitors; vintage necklaces; Michael Kors watch; Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle.

 (Oops, I forgot to take my little museum "M" pin off my necklace. And also apparently needed at least six bobbi pins to wrangle my bangs.)

The roof of The Metropolitan Museum of Art has to be one of my favorite places in the city. The views are incredible. You can look out to the high rises, the hotels, the ridiculous apartments of the Upper East Side, and over all the lush and crazily green trees of Central Park. The current installation up there is a sort of bizarre smattering of huge metal shapes, and it's not nearly as fun as the insane bamboo structure that towered over the museum last season. Bonus? There's a bar. Even if you aren't into art (or awesome Egyptian temples) it's worth paying a few dollars to bypass all that and spend some time up there drinking in how handsome Midtown can look from a comfortable distance.

I'm sorry I'm wearing sunglasses again, and I'm sorry that they're the same ones I always wear. This is annoying, even to me. If I'm being completely honest though, the whole turband thing looks a lot better with the shades. While indoors I was feeling totally self conscious about my eyebrows and how kooky the back of my hair starts to look if I move my head around too much. That being said, I do what I want (even if it looks less than perfect) and I want to rock a turband when my outfit needs a little zha zha zhu. This one did.

This easy, over-sized gray sweater got me through the winter - paired with (ugh) leggings and boots - but it feels fresh again with Tully's crisp, pleated white shorts and a woven belt. I played off the green in the scarf with my AA clutch, and then tried to perfect my no-teeth-smile-with-your-eyes face. How am I doing?

Don't answer that.

(Despite teasing myself for my own facial expressions, Meghan really did a great job taking these photos and I thank her for it! You can check out my pictures of her over on Wit & Whimsy.)


  1. Love the turband. I did a how to on my site today and now I'm desperate to collect more and more scarves to make this a go-to all summer long. Glad I found your blog through Meghan!

  2. You look great in this pic and I love seeing NYC in the background.
    I'm a little scared of the turban, but I love the way you have yours. It has more of a headband feel since it's not covering your whole head. I might have to try it out once I find the right scarf.

  3. I love how the turban makes the outfit! Do you think you could do a post breaking down how to tie the scarf into a headband? Every time I've tried to do it myself it never looks as good as it does in photos...

  4. Looving this outfit esp turband - never can get that right = going to try again! x

  5. Love the outfit and the scenery! where is the turband from?

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