Monday, May 9, 2011

a little peek at cinco de mayo...

I often look at nights like Cinco de Mayo with the same balance of hope and pessimism that I do New Years Eve. It always sounds like a night of great promise and epic fiestas; tequila, sombreros and what not. Then one thing doesn't lead to another, and you're eating chips and salsa on the couch watching Brad Pitt in The Mexican, by yourself, again.

Luckily though - as has been the case with this type of occasion since my move to New York - this year's Cinco de Mayo really was an epic fiesta of tequila, sombreros and what not. We kicked off the night at our apartment, and hosted some friends and neighbors for homemade guacamole and "skinny girl" margaritas made from scratch. The guacamole was sort of terrible (blame the unripe avocados and amateur chefs), but the drinks were perfectly dangerous. My darling friend and fellow style blogger Meghan joined us for the first half of the festivities, wearing her new and absolutely amazing Madewell dress.

Me: H&M blouse; (Gina's) Urban Outfitters skirt; vintage necklace; MK watch & Tiffany bangle.
Meghan: Urban Outfitters Ecote Surplus jacket; Madewell dress; Rebecca Minkoff bag.

Once we were all feeling sufficiently festive and the themed playlist had run it's course, we hopped in cabs and made our way down to the main event - a show at Tammany Hall on the LES featuring my favs, The Knocks, who were DJ-ing with the different acts all night. Needless to say, we danced until the early hours and Friday night was spent in; recapping all the fun and watching a terrible movie called Frozen. (Don't see it, even though it's streaming on Netflix. People act like idiots on a chairlift and get eaten by wolves. It's just - awful.)

Most of the cinco crowd @ Tammany, complete with sombreros, colorful ensembles and cheesy faces.


  1. <3. and the clutch tis Rebecca Minkoff!

  2. Sounds like a pretty amazing night! and your outfit is fab! love the bright colored skirt!

    Also, my H made me watch frozen... we literally watched on Forward and it was just horrible.....Worst.Movie.Ever

  3. I'm totally obsessed with your outfit! Blue and leopard!? Hello fabulous!

    I've been wanting to try skinny girl margaritas for a long time. Any tips?


  4. wow, i'm famous. like ashley olsen, except BETTER! SHUTUPILOVETHAT.