Tuesday, May 17, 2011

just about a year ago...

On a sunny afternoon in May 2010, Tully and I stood in the grass at Oyster Fest in San Francisco, sipping on overpriced cheap beer and trying not to breath in the smell of too much shellfish. We hadn't seen each other in over six months.
All we could talk about was New York City.
She moved the next week, I moved the next month.
Now we see each other everyday.
It's nothing really, except it's everything.
Dreams come true kids, and you can quote me on that.

*Editor's Note: Sometimes, late on a particularly dreary Monday night, when half your roommates are out of town and you're home alone, there's nothing to do except browse photos from a long time ago while trying to comprehend your life before you picked up and moved across the country. I think I now have to create my own eras of time to understand my life up to this point. BNY (before New York) and ITC (In The City). It's rather crazy to think that year 1 ITC is almost over...

**I have two other darling roommates, and I don't want them to feel excluded. Hey G & Moi - love you too!


  1. There is never a more exciting time in your life than living in a big city when you are young - enjoy every minute x

  2. Just went to Oyster Fest this past weekend. It was freezing! I'm jealous of the warm nights that I know you'll be getting in NY this summer...