Thursday, May 5, 2011

{glee} never going back again...

"She broke down and let me in... Made me see where I'd been..."

Confession: I watch Glee every week. I sing along to the Katy Perry and the Jamie Foxx, and I am unashamed enough to admit it on the internets. It's all part of the SUILTSOY lifestyle, folks. Anyway, this week's episode was especially, and i mean seriously pleasing to my ears. They devoted an entire episode to Fleetwood Mac's album, Rumours. As noted in many a previous post, I love me some Fleetwood. My jam of the night was Artie's rendition of what very well may be one of my favorite songs on the planet, "Never Going Back Again."

(To stream the full version, as well as all the other glee songs, try this link.)

It's good, right? Ugh, I just love the guitar. And the lyrics. And the everything. Now, if that gave you goosebumps (No? Just me?), try this on for size:

Mmm, Stevie and Lindsey. Still killing it.

Phewf, fine, this now concludes your overly-gushing music-related blog post for the day. I just feel it's important to let you guys know that I'm not melting my brain cells listening to dub-step remixes of The XX all day.

*Shout out to Cait, my partner in Fleetwood-lovin' crime.

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