Friday, May 27, 2011

getaway girl: the perfect weekender

I'm actually staying in town this Memorial Day weekend (shudder), but I have a couple of great weekend trips lined up already for the upcoming summer months. That seems to be my jam when it comes to travel these days since I can't really afford to take extended vacations. I treat myself to weekend jaunts every now and then to feel refreshed and renew my love for this urban jungle I now call home.

Currently, I use a pretty standard one-two combination of my beat up Longchamp shopper and my Le Sport Sac weekend duffel or The North Face backpack. The shopper and the backpack are both black, which is fine of course, but I have grown tired of the floral print of my Le Sport Sac. I want something that matches my more East Coast-infused life/style. Personally, I am craving a new weekend bag that's not too feminine, can get dirtied if it needs to, and will help limit my over-packing tendencies. Oh, and no wheels, please.

Since I'm aware that not all my readers are looking for the same style of bag, but we're probably all looking to get away for a bit this summer, I've compiled some selections of different duffels and totes that should perfectly fit everything from bikinis, board shorts, and boat shoes to books, button downs, and basically anything else.

(PS: The image above is of course by Inslee, and is rather how I imagine I will look during my various beach getaways...)

The Traditionalist:

The Girly-Girl

The Coastal Kid


  1. Had to add this one too!

  2. totally needed this post for my summer trip to nyc! thanks sooo much.

  3. do you know where I can get the Sea-Washed Canvas Duffle? LL Bean doesnt sell it any more and I am trying to find another as mine got destroyed by delta airlines.