Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A reader recently wrote me the most wonderful email. I won't call her out by name or anything, but let's just say she's on the younger side of my readership, and resides not in the US of A. I wrote her back, all flushed and flattered, and asked her if there was anything she thought might be missing, or if there was anything she would like to see more of on le blog. She politely requested a little more insight into my beauty habits and tid-bits of life in The Big City, and for more outfit posts, of course. (I'm really working on the outfit posts, I promise.)

All of these things I can happily do, but my beauty habits are really rather boring (I'm just not much of a product girl). I had the idea that perhaps I could instead post some of the rules - if you could call them that - I adhere to when it comes to beauty and style. You know, like, "Never mix black and navy!" (Except, not, because they actually look awesome together.) You get the idea. So take in my little list, with your grain of salt firmly in hand. And if by chance you've heard some of these before, don't worry. It's different now because it's coming from me.

SUILTSOY's Always & Never List
(Bear in mind, my most literal readers, all rules can be bent & broken when the occasion calls for it.)
  • Never underestimate the power of a crisp, white shirt.
  • Always wear mascara.
  • Never wear anything with a hood when you want to be taken seriously.
  • Always remember that the tailor and the dry cleaner exist for a reason. 
  • Never restrict yourself to one fashion identity. You're not simply a prep, boho, hipster, tomboy, or girlie-girl. I promise.
  • A man's watch will always look classic and sexy on a woman's wrist. 
  • When in doubt, always choose over-dressed.  
  • A good red polish will always look appropriate on fingers and toes.
  • Never combine bold lips with intense eye make-up. It's one or the other.
  • You can never have too many pairs of shoes.
  • Even with a designer label, flip-flops are always just flip-flops.
  • A black pump is never just a black pump; it is magical and powerful. Choose wisely.
  • There is always an alternative to Uggs.
  • Never apologize for spending too much money on pretty underpinnings.
  • Always wear pretty underpinnings.
  • Never wear sweats in public.
  • Never buy it if you don't love it.
  • Always accentuate your favorite feature.
  • Never accentuate all your features at once.
  • Always expect that a clothing item whose name is a hybrid of two things will not last.
  • Never be afraid to completely ignore a trend; or to embrace it if it makes you feel good.
  • One should always have a signature. Whether it's a scent, a watch, hairstyle, whatever. Pick one thing that defines your style and own it.
  • There's never an excuse for Ed Hardy.
  • Always keep in mind that your skirt length says more about you than you think it does.
  • Perhaps your mother isn't always right, but she's no fool. Listen up.
  • Never ignore your instincts.
  • Always know the difference between being polite and being fake.
  • Good manners are always in fashion.
  • Never chew gum while having a conversation.
  • The best accessory is always a confident smile.
  • Never be ashamed to care about clothes and looking sharp more than 99% of the population.
  • Try never to judge someone solely on their appearance, but expect others to do it to you.
  • Always let your outward appearance be a reflection of your respect for yourself and others.
  • Never let the Internet tell you who you are or what you should wear. You are your own, free-thinking person, & you are capable of great things. So dress like it.


  1. "There's never an excuse for Ed Hardy."


  2. Love your always and never list! Amusing, inspiring and VERY true!

  3. Always expect that a clothing item whose name is a hybrid of two things will not last.

    I dont get that?

  4. @anonymous: think of skorts. *shudder* hahaha

  5. Love this! think you and i have some of the same thoughts ! xx

  6. @anonymous

    see also: jegging (jean + legging), mandal (man's sandal), turband (turban + headband), megging (man's + jegging)

    The only one I'm banking on for the long term is the jort (jean + short). I happen to love a good denim short.

    Thanks for all the love you guys!

  7. Always wear a black bra under a white shirt...it's eternally sexy :)

  8. Great list! I think some of the ones near the bottom are the most important... like the bit about clothing as a gesture of respect. I live in a surfing/beach town in California, where general shlubbiness is the order of the day, and this particular rule resonates with me when I choose my clothing in the morning. Most people here tend to think it's about being relaxed, and so they wear sweats, hoodies and pajamas downtown. But I think the people who are most graceful, and most at ease, no matter how overdressed they are, are the ones who tend to look the most relaxed.

  9. Totally on board with the exception of sweats in public. Are yoga pants considered sweats? Because they are my go-to Whole Foods lunch attire.

  10. @hailey tully: agreed!
    @bagel: i hear ya with the socal lifestyle thing! I went to school in Arizona and it was always a challenge to rise above the tee shirt + sweat shorts combo. It took some serious growing up (and the move to NYC) for me to fully grasp how rewarding it is to rise above the fray!
    @jessica: it's totally your call. I wear black leggings that taper in at the ankle when I'm out casually all the time. I don't succeed 100% of the time, but I always try to think to myself, "What if the person I most admire in the world were to see me right now. Would I be proud or totally mortified?"

  11. Totally agree with you on the hood and sweats points (I didn't even do that in college!) I feel better when I'm dressed up, so making that extra effort pays off. Great tips, lady!

  12. Taylor could you make a post about shoes? do's and dont's with shoes depending on the occasion? with the summer months near by, I am in desperate need of some good sandals, wedges, or flats. i would be so happy to hear your opinion because I need help finding a cute pair of good shoes! thanks:)