Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the best top knots...

I am working on getting my top knot tutorial down pat for my inquiring readers, but it's just not quite ready, yet! I don't want to leave you totally in the lurch, so here is a collection of great top knots of our time. I'm a little miffed that they are mostly blond, but obviously, I'm here to change all that.

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port both rock a pretty huge, messy up-do, but the effect is still sophisticated. I think Whit is overdoing the glam here a little with the eyes, lips, earrings and strapless dress; I prefer to mix an up-do with a much more casual look.

Kate Bosworth and Carrie Bradshaw have much more sleek styles, similar to what I prefer.

So this picture of Lea Michele frightens me because I think she looks a little terrifying for some reason. But my hair looks exactly like that, just with more bangs. I'm going to blame her bold lips. Miranda Kerr looks gorgeous and fresh. What's new.

 I love both of these too, especially how sleek and neat her hair on the right looks with a center part; a variation I definitely want to try out.

The 5-minute bun in the June issue of Glamour; messy and amazing.


  1. Would love to know how to do a top knot - will look forward to that tutorial x


  2. get that tutorial up, girl! in the meantime, thanks for the pretty inspirations. now come over and do mine please :)

  3. I love the bun! Just wish I had enough hair to pull it off! :)

  4. Loving this look. Cup of Jo does a cute tutorial for a braided top bun: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2011/03/braided-top-bun.html

  5. i love sporting the top knot! cant wait for your tutorial :)