Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ashley Olsen: embodying spring...

None of the items she's wearing are particularly extraordinary, but the way she's put them together here is breezy and perfectly suited for this amazing weather we've been having in NYC.
The great thing about this look is how easy it is to dublicate or riff off of in your own closet. You probably have a big light-weight scarf and long cardigan, and no doubt some flat sandals and oversize sunglasses. Voila.

Same glasses, same sandals, same jewelry.
Seen here leaving the Greenwich Hotel, Ash is making a strong case for an unusually colored suit. It's definitely bold, but something about the pairing of navy stripes with the peach is working for me. It doesn't hurt though, that she's about half the size of a normal person, so her proportions are never really very grand.

(images via Olsens Anonymous)

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