Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the $100 handbag challenge: UPDATE!

I know, I know, I said I would get to this like, a month ago. But you know how it is... Ugh, I'm sorry. Anyway, are you excited? I want to thank everyone who chimed in with some great tips for budget bag hunting - your options were excellent! I decided that your research was far better than mine, so I combed your selections and picked my favorites!

Becca: Urban Outfitters & Quiksilver Women

We all know what we're getting when we make a purchase at Urban. It's going to be trendy, a little more than you think is reasonable to pay (but not so much that you won't do it), and on the disappointing side of durability and quality. That being said, it's still a great option when your wallet is thin. I've found that if I treat my UO purchases well, they return the favor. I think the best move is not to purchase an imitation leather bag (which will show it's price immediately) but something in canvas or a print that isn't so obviously inexpensive. Here are my favorite bags from their online shop:

I think both these bags are perfect for summer, could be from anywhere, and are probably worth their price based on how versatile and on-trend they are for S/S 2011.

I'm pretty much obsessed with both these bags. I have a couple long weekend trips lined up for this summer, and I have been on the hunt for a casual and sophisticated weekender bag to tote around from plane to train to Greyhound, you name it. I love the bright red canvas of the Well Traveled bag: easy to spot amongst the black, and super-durable.

Jenny: Aldo

As Jenny mentioned in her comment, this is a pretty blatant knock off (very Proenza Schouler PS1) and made of a synthetic material. You are most definitely getting what you pay for, and it's hard to gauge quality based on online photos, but you can bet it's probably not great. However, it's a quick fix to get the look you want and not trouble yourself over spilling or general wear and tear.

Lindsey: Deux Lux

I love the first little bag, and I actually saw it in person at my cousin's friend's boutique in Boston, LIT Boutique. I think it's an ideal "party purse" as I like to call them, meaning one you can sling over your outfit that goes with everything and holds your keys, card, phone and camera. The second bag may be the most glamorous weekend bag I have ever laid eyes on. It comes in a few different color combinations, but the olive and aqua is my hands-down favorite.

Alyson: Melie Blanco

Both of these bright little bags remind me of Kate Spade's current collection of bags. They're at a great price, and come in both notice-me and neutral hues. The top one is my favorite, and comes in a stunning orange that is unfortunately on back order until mid-June.  

What do you think of these options? Did we meet the challenge? Did we fall short?


  1. You should have listed Melie Bianco first! When I was in grad school I swore by them, they generally avoid cheapy knock-off looks but still have great styles and they last like a bag that costs three times more.

  2. Thanks for the mention! :)

    I haven't had the chance to check out that Aldo bag...so still no word on the quality.

    However, I did nab a Rebecca Minkoff quilted MAB for 50% on Hautelook. I LOVE it!


  3. Challenge met! Great follow-up post!

  4. Nice read! I like the collection.