Thursday, April 7, 2011

up in the air...

Oh, hi there. I just wanted to drop you a line from somewhere around 28,000 feet. I am as we speak browsing the internets from my iPad, and blogging to you from it as well, which I find to be rather fantastic. I shall be off the grid in Arizona for the long weekend, and will return to you Wednesday with stories and outfits and hopefully a bit of a glow.

NYC, I strangely miss you already. Watching your striking skyline fade from view in my window seat, I already wondered what you would do while I'm gone. If you wouldn't mind just holding completely still until I return, I would be much obliged.

Phoenix, you're like the hot older sibling of my beloved college town; and I so rarely get to see you. I'm tickled with excitement to cruise down your long, smooth roads with the windows down and the music up - gazing at the palm trees and letting my hand flow through your warm breeze.

'Til Wednesday and with much love from the friendly skies,

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