Monday, April 18, 2011

that's so clutch...

For a while, I went through a no-clutch phase. If it didn't have a practical strap from which to hang off my shoulder or elbow, I wasn't interested. Trying to manage one of those, a drink, and one-handed text someone was just more than I could handle. Literally. Then came the over-sized clutch craze. I was anti no more. Flush with excitement to rejoin this arm candy arena, I was royally annoyed that most of my favorites were well beyond my budget. (So often this is the story of my life...)

Enter: American Apparel. Their leather carry-all pouch comes in two clutch-worthy sizes, and at $50 - $68, they won't cause you to choose between fashion and rent. I went with the medium size ($45 in store), and I couldn't be more pleased. I picked a dark, forest green shade of leather that reminds me of a Chesterfield club chair you'd find in your grandfather's study.

You can see it in action here, but I thought I might give you a peek of what's usually inside as well. I packed this as my main bag for my trip to Arizona, and, tucked inside my Longchamp carry-on with my books and snacks, it was pretty much perfect for flying.

I kid you not, all these things fit in there - at once:
Esquire's Big Black Book: A great primer if you have any interest in what's up with menswear this year
Apple ipad: indulgent essential for a blogger on the go
Urban Outfitters wallet: ugh, I hate it, potential new wallet post is forthcoming
Ray Ban aviators: all day, everyday
Marc by Marc Jacobs keychain: the best $5 no one needs to spend on Bleeker Street
Circa 2008 LG touchscreen phone: I like to keep my communication vintage
L'Occitane lotion: rough hands are not desirable unless you're a farmer
Aquaphor: it's miracle worker

(You can see this bag on just about every other personal style blog in the galaxy, so do some exploring to see more fun ways to style it. Additionally, it now comes in some punchy new colors for spring, so don't be surprised if I (or you!) double up.)

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