Friday, April 15, 2011


So, if you're a longtime and/or compulsive reader of this blog (Do you exist? I love you!), you will note that I have already posted this song as a MWMM. Until yesterday, I had never seen the music video. While taking a petite rest from cropping photos at my internship yesterday, I had the sudden urge to listen to Camera Obscura's "French Navy," and figured I might as well investigate if there was an accompanying vid. Clearly, there is, and boy did it do a mid-afternoon number on me.

I've been fortunate enough to visit Paris something like five times in my young life, and a few of those times have been, well, wildly romantic. Obviously I won't get into that, but this video definitely transported me to some very happy memories for a few minutes.

Even if you haven't been to Paris/Barcelona/Rome, if you discount the not-super-aesthetically-pleasing shots of the actual band, this is a lovely escape/escapade.

Avez-vous un weekend tres fantastique.

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  1. i am a compulsive reader of your blog! I love it...and thanks so much for posting this. brings me back to the trip i made to paris&barcelona a few months ago, so many great shots of both cities in this video!