Thursday, April 14, 2011

speaking of new books...

If ever there were a photo that could sell me on purchasing an entire book, it would probably be this. Oh, how I adore it. This is an image from Parisian Chic, a guide to Parisian style and a bit of Paris the city, too, just recently published by Chanel muse Ines de la Fressange. It features images like the above - staring her daughter Nine D'Urso - illustrating elements and quirks that make Parisian style so distinct and alluring. I am shamelessly obsessed with Paris, so anything that makes me feel closer to it, wherever I am, is always a plus.

This makes me want to go home right now and change into my Theory blazer, shove the sleeves over my elbows, cinch a belt around it, and come back to work. I envision my return to the office going something like this: "Hmm? What's that? Why, yes I am naturally this carefree and chic all the time. No, no, I'm not French, but I can see why you might think that."

Oh, oui oui, that's exactly how it would go...

(image via The Cut via Parisian Chic.)

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