Friday, April 29, 2011

{royal wedding} just kidding, evening looks too...

Kate is wearing another Sarah Burton-designed gown, with a darling cropped mohair sweater, and William looks all kinds of perfect in a double-breasted tux. 
*Regarding the sweater; sure it's a wee bit casual for a royal wedding, but if you had been bound and buttoned into a corseted dress with an 8.5 foot train for most of the day, wouldn't you want to just play it down for a minute upon arrival to your evening dinner dance? She will surely remove it, ya'll. Calm down.
Finally, this was perhaps my favorite moment from this morning, I caught it live just in time before I hopped on the Boston-bound bus I am blogging to you from now:

Future hubs take note, this is the most perfect exit in the most perfect car.


  1. Oh, I loooove her look! So elegant, and that sweater is lovely.


  2. girl who made the tux? cant figure it out for the life of me.