Tuesday, April 26, 2011

jazzing around in my new suede shoes...

DV by Dolce Vita tassel flats, $70 from Nordstrom.
(I mean, are they loafers, really? I sort of hate that term for some reason, so not delicate.)
Have you noticed yet that I find buying new shoes to be such an occasion that they usually get their own post? Anyway, I'm obsessed with these little treats, and I've been lusting after them for months. 
Now that they're mine, I have been sporting them every chance I get, trying to really break them in. They are crazy comfortable, and I love how they look with everything from crisp white shorts (Arizona) to cuffed up J Brand skinnies (New York). 
Added bonus? Tassels are totally in right now.


  1. If only most of the guys I knew wore shoes this nice.

  2. I mean...they're growing on me :)