Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a dream, of the garden variety...

Soon, when I am living a decadent life of luxury (one complete with a salaried job and my own bedroom) I will treat myself to fresh Peonies and Ranunculus by my bed all the time. Peonies have long been my favorite of all flowers, and I think Inslee put it perfectly that Ranunculus are "the best. Like totally laid-back, unpretentious roses."
I figure, if I'm not (yet) waking up next to Prince Charming, I might as well wake to something just as lovely and gorgeous. I mean, right?
Of course, I realize this post has nothing to do with fashion. However, a fashionable girl/boy should have a favorite bloom that is not a ridiculous, long-stem, red rose. So, what's yours?

(Images via Google search, found on Apartment Therapy &  Southern Accents.)


  1. My favorites are actually lilies and orchids but yours look gorgeous!

  2. wonderful taste in flowers! ;)

    maybe the post isn't about fashion, but it IS about lifestyle--and yours has it goin' on.


  3. My favorites are ranunculus, daffodils, and hydrangeas.

  4. I can never remember my blogspot log-in, but my favorite flowers are orchids, which is wonderful because I can get them at Trader Joe's and keep them blooming in my kitchen nook all year long.