Monday, April 4, 2011

{crush this} miles fisher...

{*You have hereby been warned that there are scenes of sex and violence in the above video, so don't share this post with your young children.}

Another post later this week will give more insight to the lovely Sunday we had here in NYC, but this one is just about the music. We had a bit of a midday dance party with our downstairs neighbors and company, and the above song, Miles Fisher's cover of "This Must Be The Place," definitely played more than once. It's just wildly phenomenal. The video pretty much seals the deal for me, since American Psycho is one of my all-time favorite books/movies. It's really well done and Miles Fisher is nearly a dead ringer for Christian Bale in all the right ways. You know what else is wildly phenomenal? Miles Fisher in general. Along with singing in a way that really pleases me, he's on Mad Men, he went to Harvard, and he is pretty attractive.

(credit goes to Adam and Rachel for dueling championing this song & introducing me to it.)

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