Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coachella x Mr. Newton via Bazaar...

 I am so over Coachella. Would I have loved to go? Sure. Do I like hearing about it every five seconds via every media outlet on planet Earth? Please. Get over yourselves concert-goers!
Anyway, I am especially tired of all these girls dressing like Coachella is a psychedelic hippie costume party set to the music of today. The girls above did a great job of mixing their personal style with event-appropriate attire. The top girl is not named, but her look is so casual and fun (you know I can't resist a good stripe). Second is DJ Harley Viera Newton looking wildly chic and relaxed, with an enviable Celine cross-body bag; I'm entirely obsessed with her look. Lastly, my fav of all favs, Diane Kruger - just being Diane Kruger.


  1. I always reach my saturation point verrrry quickly with any event of this nature: Coachella, SXSW, NY Fashion Week...what's especially annoying about Coachella is not one blog post, tweet, or facebook status I have come across has mentioned anything related to its MUSIC.

    All 3 of these outfits are fab though - Coachella or not!

  2. @Kate - you're exactly right! And thanks for commenting / visiting!