Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{cameo outfit post} Megan in spring neutrals...

I stayed at my friend Megan's apartment during my Arizona vacation, so naturally we consulted each other while getting dressed each night. I was instantly jealous when she showed me her delicate spring-perfect scalloped shorts from H&M. They are incredibly shear, so anything she tucked in was going to be wildly obvious. Being the caring friend that I am, I suggested she just wear a sheer top as well, then slightly conceal all that sexy with a blazer. After some tucking and untucking, buttoning and unbuttoning, we put together a really lovely all-neutral ensemble, off-set by my vintage black beaded clutch. Behold our tag-team styling:

 H&M blazer, shorts, and necklace; Banana Republic top; vintage clutch, Plenty by Tracy Reese wedges, Banana Republic bracelet.

It's still a bit on the wintery side to pull off a look like this in New York these days, but in Phoenix, land of the eternal summer, it was just right for a warm, breezy night. The contrast between a structured but soft blazer and the super feminine shorts - plus the fact that Megs has legs for days - makes this a look I will be coveting and attempting to copy just as soon as this city will cooperate.

PS: I instructed Megan on the classic style blogger pose (look down, cross legs, pop elbow, show bag), and I think she totally rocked it. What a natural.

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