Monday, March 21, 2011

{outfit post} sunday brunch...

When I awoke on Sunday morning, it felt a little bit like Christmas. After a long and late night of drinks at Automatic Slim's and dancing at The Jane, I was pleasantly surprised when I remembered that I had plans to meet my fashion blogging peer and darling friend Meghan (of Wit & Whimsy) for pedicures and brunch at The Spotted Pig. The combination of these two activities on a crisp, sunny day presented a bit of a conundrum regarding what to wear. I wanted to look cute, of course, but I was feeling cozy and very casual, and didn't want to smudge my pedicure with my shoes. I opted to layer up in very forgiving and soft pieces, and don my trusty slip-on moccasins.
Ray Ban aviators; Amanda Pearl earrings; H&M blouse; Olive Olivia long sweater (borrowed from Moira); Echo giant scarf/shawl; c/o Kooba Kelsi bag; ski leggings; Minnetonka moccasins.
The temperature hovered around in the mid-fifties and there wasn't a cloud to be seen, so i decided to skip a jacket and wear this gorgeous and super-soft scarf I scored majorly on sale back in my Anthropologie days. Moira's long, cozy sweater is rather hard to resist, and the two layers kept me plenty warm as Meghan and I strolled and gabbed our way through the West Village. This is arguably the most casual outfit I have ever posted, but I think it can be helpful to show the full spectrum of occasion dressing when I can. I think it's also important to have a grasp on how to be casual, comfortable and laid-back, but still maintain a pulled-together feel.
When I make plans during the day on the weekend, especially if I have gone out the night before, I rarely shower beforehand. This may strike fear into the hearts of many, but I always shower before partying, so I'm still clean, if not just a bit rough around the edges. Here are a few tricks I employ to feel composed when I have post-party daytime plans:
  • I have naturally oily hair, so I pin my bangs away from my face with a few bobby pins. Then, instead of slicking my hair back into a tight kiki bun, I will brush it out, then tease it and pull it to one side and into a long, loose braid. This looks much softer and allows my hair to still frame my face in a somewhat pleasing way.
  • Black leggings are a gift from the sartorial gods, but use them wisely. ALWAYS pair them with a long and loose tunic-length top.
  • With an Olsen-esque ensemble, a more sophisticated and sparse accessory choice maintains your polish. I opt for my boyfriend watch (when do I not?) and oversize pearl earrings.
  • To avoid being caught without something vital, I usually just slip my clutch from the night before into my large day bag so I know that everything I might need is in there somewhere.
  • When your nails are painted the perfect shade of red, I'm pretty sure it makes it seem as though every single other choice you've made regarding the way you look was deliberate and on-purpose, even if it was hurried and random at best.

Michael Michael Kors watch; vintage and Tiffany & Co. bracelets; Jo ring; O.P.I Big Apple Red.
(All photos taken by Meghan!)

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