Monday, March 28, 2011

one little thing, a ring, i don't mean on the phone...

Of course I'm not talking about that ring, my friends. Good grief. But I do love to think of rings as just one extra little thing, a little treat for your hand - something sparkly or interesting to look at while you pound the keyboard all day.

For whatever reason, my favorite rings were feeling rather photogenic the other day, so I thought they might like to show off for you a bit here on le blog.

Top row: vintage, Forever21, Forever21, Jo
Bottom row: vintage, vintage, Forever21, NYC street fair

 Sometimes,  there's just nothing like a giant cocktail ring to lift the spirits. F21 really is one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry. Is it inauthentic? Of course. Do the rings turn your fingers black occasionally? Absolutely. Does it make me sick to my stomach if I accidentally break or misplace an F21 accessory? Not even a little bit.

This purple flower ring is one I absolutely treasure. It was handed down to me from my mom, and I believe the stones are amethyst. Its just the right size to sparkle but not overwhelm, and pretty without being too girly. When I wear it with the gold ring next to it, which is made up of tiny little flowers, I feel like I have a nice spring garden on my fingers.


  1. Forever21 is one of my go to places for rings too! A trick I've learned is to coat the inner part of the ring with clear nailpolish. It stops the finger from turning green/black :)

  2. They look so PRETTY, especially on our PRETTY couch cover :)

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