Thursday, March 10, 2011

McQueen: lets talk about the harnesses...

I think I agree with Suzy Menkes thoughts on Sarah Burton's F/W 2011 collection for Alexander McQueen:

"Many of these dresses were beautiful, with their haute couture aesthetic and workmanship, like tiny zippers running vertically around a skirt hem. But it was dispiriting to see a female designer (and on the centennial International Women’s Day) following the McQueen misogyny by strapping her models into harnesses. Take them off and there were lovely dresses, including a column of white chiffon far softer than Mr. McQueen’s own style."

What do you think? The harnesses add a certain fetishism to the looks, which is provocative in contrast to such elaborate and stunning gowns. However, I feel like if you take them away, you don't really lose any of the artistic value or wow-factor. Are we right, or are Miss Menkes and I missing the point?

(Quote taken from this article, from the New York Times.)

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  1. I'd like to think modern women are evolved to the point where a male designer's interpretation does not define me. I could wear a chastity belt, stiletto shoes and a harness and still feel empowered and liberated. If you really want to distill the issue then let's address high heels, tight skirts, make-up, bras... Women should be able to wear what they want and not feel like someone else's fashion expression is in charge. I can totally see Anna Dello Russo wearing a corset and you would never in a million years think "misogyny".