Monday, March 7, 2011

the case for the light blazer...

From white to light, peach to yellow, I am so into this light-hued blazer thing that I've been seeing everywhere, from stores like H&M to some of my favorite street style and personal style blogs, as seen above. I find it to be a perfect representation of a key transitional season piece: one that fills my trend and temperature needs. It has sort of a Miami Vice vibe to me, but in the chicest way, especially with the sleeves pushed up a la Late Afternoon. (All image credits go to the talented bloggers named above each of their respective photos.)


  1. OneoftheindiegirlsMarch 14, 2011 at 3:16 AM

    I AGREE :) I've been looking for the perfect dusty pink blazer for ever. Love the long lines a la Late Afternoon's pink blazer. That one would be pretty close to perfect, I imagine.

    Love your blog, by the wayside. Only stumbled upon it this afternoon - but that's great cos that means ARCHIVES of unread goodness! x

  2. Good call on Miami Vice actually, Don Johnson wore the awesome light orange/peach blazer in some episodes of the first season, the image below is taken from the pilot episode "Brother's Keeper". I'm a massive MV junkie, so I know it inside out :)