Monday, February 7, 2011

{via Fashionologie} thanks H&M, now i've got spring on the brain...

Though New York Fashion Week is just a mere few days away - causing closet-based anxiety throughout the city - I can't help but let my mind leap forward to, say, May, when the sun will be shining, flowers will be blooming, and I can retire my worn-to-the-bone black tights. Until this week, I've been doing a pretty spectacular job keeping my thoughts anchored in the exercise in experimental layering that is February. I really do enjoy spending my weeks seeing how many shirts and sweaters I can fit under a knee-length down jacket...

Well, that's all ruined now. In a mental break I would relate (on a completely non-serious level) to an alcoholic falling off the wagon, I let myself browse the airy, light, and mostly white H&M Spring 2011 Conscious Collection, slated to hit stores in April. Miami Vice blazer! Scalloped hems! Swingy dresses!

See what I mean? Torturous. Now, instead of dreaming up one more way I can style my black leggings into an outfit that doesn't look like everything else I've worn for the last two months, I'm picturing myself skipping through the grass in Central Park, donning those scalloped shorts and a silk cap-sleeve floral blouse with some espadrille wedges. So not productive. And how about that white blazer? Over a sundress? With a slouchy t-shirt and boyfriend jeans?

Le sigh. Before I completely lose my head in delusions of open-toed shoe weather, I'm going to go rub the sidewalk salt off my (if-i-have-to-wear-these-one-more-time-I-might-cry) black rubber wellingtons.

(Images via H&M via Fashionologie.)


  1. I love the skirt... I think, it would love great with lacey tights!

  2. Love the collection!