Friday, February 4, 2011

tgif... my thursday night was awesome, yours?

Last night I was fortunate to attend a very cool blogger event hosted by Blue Stripe PR. I reunited with my darling fashion blogger friend Meghan, of Wit & Whimsy, as well as her friend Virginia of The Lovely 20s. We sipped Sofia champagne out of cans (yep, with straws), snacked on Jelly Bellys and browsed the newest collections from Amanda Pearl, Joie, 8020, Pleasure Doing Business and more. Per usual, I slacked on taking pictures because I was too busy chatting and meeting some pretty fabulous people...

... Like Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller. I awkwardly approached out of nowhere, confessed my love, and she's just pretty great. We talked for a few minutes about ombre hair and Inslee and luckily this was the only moment I got myself together enough to have a photo snapped.

I'm not going to go on an emotional tangent here, or toot my own bloggerlicious horn, but hot damn I love this city. If you love fashion, idolize people on the internet, have a little bit of guts and a lot of motivation, there is just no better place to be. I may still be on the hunt for that elusive full-time job, but if tonight is any indication, there are many, many good things to come no matter what my state of employment!

It should also be noted that the goregous and stylish bloggers behind, eat.sleep.wear., Trop Rouge and Something Navy were in attendance, and I wish I had met them all, but will have to be satisfied with my newfound adoration of their blogs.

Basically, it was a magical New York night. Here's to the weekend and more where that came from!


  1. so much fun last night! what an arrival in NY :)

  2. Great finally meeting you! Can't wait for our pedi date....which I have to follow up on.