Thursday, February 3, 2011

{snow style} uptown vs. downtown...

I was just looking at some pictures from this past weekend when my best friend from Seattle was in town. We jazzed around the city, through ankle deep slush puddles on the streets and snow-filled fountains in the park. I like these two pictures because I think they're great examples of two types of typical snow day style. Lauren is wearing a wool pea coat, my vintage wool beret, a Marc Jacobs bag, and her friend Katherine's Burberry wellingtons. This combination achieves an instant uptown, ladylike look, while staying warm and at least sort of dry. I'm wearing my Ray Ban aviators (when am I not, these days?), Tully's Marc New York puffer jacket, tall wool socks with black wellingtons, my c/o Kooba Kelsi bag, and a slouchy beanie c/o D & Y accessories. This combo is a little more casual, and not quite so put together; a bit more downtown, if you will. Note that no matter what you're wearing, a coffee in hand is really the best way to fight off the chill!

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