Monday, February 14, 2011

{quick outfit post} Porter Grey presentation...

80%20 blogOn Thursday morning before heading into my internship, I made a brief pit-stop at Lincoln Center to check out the Porter Grey presentation. It was a chilly morning so I opted for my super-indulgent go-to vintage fur, plus a few other new gems I have yet to post here on the ol' blog.

I didn't take any photos of the look myself, but I was stopped just outside the presentation and snapped by a really sweet girl from 80%20 shoes because I just happened to be wearing a pair at the moment. (I'm on their blog here! (That's where these images are from.))

[The full disclosure here is that when I attended the Blue Stripe PR party two weeks ago, part of our parting gifts was a pair of fabulous 80%20 shoes, as well as a bauble from Amanda Pearl, and some other really choice goodies. Porter Grey is also repped by Blue Stripe, so now you seen the connection. Ta da! How lucky am I?]

80%20 blogI  love all the elements of this outfit, but I don't know how I feel about the final outcome here. I was in a bit of a hurry that morning and making rash decisions. I wish I had a picture sans jacket, the top is a vintage Missoni tunic of my mom's, and it's perfection. Another time though, I promise.

Also, these little shoes are my new obsession. They've got a cool dessert boot look with toggle closures, but the best part is the hidden wedge that adds a little covert height and a more feminine feel. You will be seeing them again, I can guarantee it.

Vintage fur coat; vintage pashmina; vintage Missoni tunic; Paige Verdugo jegging; 80%20 Eliotte shoes; Amanda Pearl earrings; Les Petites handbag.

*Pictures from the Porter Grey presentation are forthcoming!

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