Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{worth a read} an excellent essay on life in NYC...

First of all, let me say something: What a lackluster blizzard! The falling snow was beautiful last night as it accumulated outside The Oak Bar at The Plaza (photos to come), but I imagined that after I fell asleep, a wild storm would ensue, bringing a foot of snow to my downtown doorstep. Well, it did bring quite a bit of the whtie stuff, but only about six inches. In other words, here I am at work, my rubber boots dirty and wet from navigating the slush being pushed around the streets of Time Square.

Anyway, that is not at all what this post is about. Thanks to one of my favorite Twitter accounts, @EverythingNYC, I found a wonderful essay about living in New York City as a young person, written just a few weeks ago. Nearly every sentence had me laughing or reflecting back on the last few months thinking, "Wow, that's exactly right!" I recommend this short read to anyone living in the city, thinking about moving here, or just hankering for a witty look at life here (other than mine). Enjoy!

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