Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{re-re-blogging amazingness} Inslee & Man Repeller...

So now is the time that I get to say, "Ahhh I knew her when..." about my illustrater friend Inslee, who I apparently can't stop blogging about these days. Anyway, I just have to throw a big kudos out to her because her amazing sketches of The Man Repeller are now on The MR's blog! Getting that kind of exposure will only bring wonderful things her way, so say it with me now, "Holy Ladyboner, that's fantastic!" Check out the side-by-side...

See Inslee's anti-Golden-Globes-Pro-Ladyboner post here, and The Man Repeller's praising post here!

Loves it! Soon people will be saying, "You know, you really haven't made it until you've been sketched by Inslee."

Congrats again girl!

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  1. haha!!! well then according to that logic - you've made it! congratulations to you too!