Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pants + dresses @ Chanel...

Mais oui, it's time for Chanel! Unkle Karl's Spring 2011 couture collection brings us the usual boucle jackets in new shapes and colors, some gorgeous structured dresses, and something I'm both aesthetically intrigued by, and a little bit unsure about. Many of the looks feature these brilliant slouchy but skinny sequin pants paired with pointed-toe flats (which are so back, by the way), but with skirts and dresses. Behold:

Chanel Chanel

There were also some really cool skinny pants with button detailing at the bottom, also paired with skirts and dresses:

Chanel Chanel

So what do you guys think? I am obsessed with these pants, purely for the cut and style of them on their own. However, I just don't think I can really get on board with layering them under dresses and/or skirts. Then again, I tend to come around once I see people whose style I envy wearing looks I initially couldn't stand. (ie: turbans, hiker/biker boots, heeled oxfords)

And what about you, dear readers? What say you about Chanel's pants-under-dresses looks?

  • Fab. I'm on board. (12 votes)
  • Woof. Count me out. (9 votes)
  • I appreciate it, but probably won't duplicate it. (23 votes)


  1. interessant. not sure how i feel about this yet, but i am LOVING this color palette.

  2. great look for the tall (5'9"+) and skinny. nice counterpoint to the voluptuous 50s style skirts/belt/shirt look that was all over the place.