Friday, January 14, 2011

{from Inslee's blog} People Watching... (it's me!)

Inslee by DesignDoes she look familiar to you? I hope so. The lovely Inslee, who I'm sure you're now all quite familiar with, whipped this up yesterday, inspired by one very serious pair of shoes and one very spastic Twitter exchange:

@Inslee: for me???? size eight graz-a-mileeee

@Shutupilovethat: @ sketch them! sketch ME in them! sketch me in them in paris! sitting on top of the eiffel tower! eating a croissant! No? Too much?

@Inslee: @ pain au chocolat ou regulier?... now i want those shoes AND a croissant

@Shutupilovethat: @ au chocolat ma cherie!

@Inslee: Paris is the best place to wear stud covered Louboutins, no?...

Et voila! C'est moi! I'm obsessed, to say the least. Her illustration is how I see myself in my mind's eye: In Paris always; perfectly chocolate brown mane, not a hair out of place, all black everything, gracefully thin despite my love for buttery pastries, and expertly miss-matched in my accessory selection. Oh, and the shoes. In my mind I'm eternally in the fanciness of Louboutin with ease of flats.

Read the full post here, please, she has quite the wit, this one.

Oh and I'll be ordering a print of this immediately, ma cherie Inslee!


  1. Love love love!! You should frame in the new room ;)

  2. Hahaha! that was a particularly spastic twitter exchange! I get so excited when someone tweets at me, can you tell?

  3. "In my mind I'm eternally in the fanciness of Louboutin with ease of flats."

    a girl after my own heart