Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Very Mary Kate' ... just for giggles

"You look like a goblin... Wrapped in a bedsheet."

This actress, Elaine Carroll, updates her series of Mary Kate Olsen impersination webisodes called "Very Mary Kate" every Monday and Thursday. I just heard about this today from New York magazine's fashion blog, The Cut, but you can believe I'll spend the rest of my afternoon catching up.

Here's a link to her website, Very Mary Kate, but I'll add it to my blogroll as well.

quick fix: castries sunglasses @ anthro

Castries Sunglasses, $24.00 at Anthropologie

I'll be posting more about this later, but I'm taking a long weekend in San Francisco in mid-May. Obviously I'm just thrilled to be getting away, but I'm also excited because due to the excellent Spring shopping I've done lately, I feel like packing will be a breeze. Unlike before most trips I've taken lately (Vegas; Arizona), I don't feel an overwhelming desire to buy a bunch of new clothes to wear. Instead, I'm just thinking of the great combinations I can make with the pieces I already have.

Now, I said there was no overwhelming desire. There's still a little tiny pearl of desire in there. And I came up with a great little fix for that tiniest of desires: these stylish shades from Anthropologie. The shape is oversized and retro - my favorite combination, and they come in a sort of cloudy grey blue as well as a muted redish pink. Also, they're just $24, so it won't be the end of the world if they fly off my head while I'm hanging off the side of a trolley.

from WWW Daily: How they wear army jackets...

This spread from my favorite daily  e-newsletter, Who What Wear Daily, is great inspiration for how to wear my great new surplus jacket from Urban Outfitters. I love how Olivia P is sporting it with a belt, and the way Alexa Chung has paired it with heels and very casual jorts.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

taking a leap...

Tra la la...

So it is written, and so it shall be :)

I'll keep you posted.

mid-week music moment...

This funny little circle of information we call the internet works in mysterious ways sometimes. I was browsing around Mr. Newton the other day, and he had posted a video by the band, Two Door Cinema Club. It was a great song, so I went ahead and downloaded it. Then downloaded a few more of their songs, including this one, called "I Can Talk."

So, do you get it? I picked up some new music on a fashion blog, and am now posting even more new music on a different fashion blog.

Worlds collide, my friends.

Anyway, hope you like this week's pick.

{how to} shop like you mean it

Do you ever head out to your favorite shopping neighborhood or mall, fully jazzed to find some great new clothes, only to come home empty handed (and sort of depressed about it?) I do. It happens to all of us. I've realized though, that it's often because of the same few key, pre-shop missteps. I believe there are a few things one should always do before venturing out on a real shopping trip to maximize time, effort and success!

So, now that I sound like a motivational speaker, I might as well keep rolling with it.

1. Get Yourself Ready. I'm not saying you need to take a full shower and do your hair and all that, but, put a little effort in. Wash your face, throw on some mascara, and get dressed. Stores are not gyms (despite what a workout shopping can be, sometimes), and I think it's really important to feel good when you walk out the door. Plus the more accurate portrait of yourself you see in the dressing room mirror, the better you will be able to judge how much you like what you're trying on.

2. Be Prepared. When I go shopping for real, I make sure that I'll be able to really tell if something looks good one me, or will work with things I wear all the time. This means, I wear a bra and undies that will work with almost anything (Hanky Panky's & GapBody t-shirt bra), as well as my favorite pair of jeans. This simple step takes so much guess-work out of deciding how things fit or if I will ever even wear them. Also, wear shoes that you can slip in and out of easily, like ballet flats or sandals without complicated buckles, etc.

3. Be Prepared (specifically). If you're shopping for an occasion, event, or vacation, bring along the pieces you already have. For example, if you're shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding, bring the shoes you'll likely pair it with, and even the jewelry. Getting the whole picture before you purchase will give you a lot more satisfaction than arriving home only to find that your saucy new mini-dress looks only just this side of hookerville with the 4-inch platforms you planned to wear it with.

4. Go It Alone. That's right, I said it. Leave your opinionated girlfriends, clueless boyfriends and judgemental mothers at home. This tip might really be a personal thing for me, but I trust myself. I know what I like, what works on my body, and what I will actually wear. I like to move at my own pace, without the pressures of another person who might a) want to try on way more/less than me b) be itching to go to another store c) not give a hoot whether or not a pair of jeans makes my calves look fat. Sure, I love shopping casually with my girlfriends or my mom, but I really do my best work when I'm by myself. I never hesitate to chat up the salesgirls when I need a little reassurance - that's what they're for (I should know, right?).

5. Do Your Homework. I always have my best and most successful shopping adventures when I have at least some idea what I am looking for. Going out with an empty head and a full wallet is a recipe for buyer's remorse. Browse the websites of stores you like, flip through a few fashion magazines, and examine your closet. See what's missing or what you're craving, and keep it in mind as you roam around.

Now go forth and shop with confidence, purpose & the right undies.

And if you have any tips to add, please share them in the comments!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

does cupcakes & cashmere read SUILTSOY??

Probably not, but I couldn't help but notice the similarity in our outfits here...

I got pretty giddy when I saw this post today, of Emily in her Anthropologie Aniseed skirt and a black v-neck tee. Turns out we both have a penchant for stripes as well as the whole 'black & white with a splash of color' thing. (Note her MK watch, too.)

Also, I love her shoes. I think her heels really amp up the look. Do you agree?

(image via Cupcakes & Cashmere)

{dream life} J. Crew's Jenna Lyons on Oprah

When you're frolicing through your early 20s, bouncing from unpaid internship to low-paying job to under-the-table nanny gig, just sort of trying to make your professional life start - it can be frustrating. Confusing. Enlightening. Exciting.

Myself, I've done marketing, editorial, social media, retail... a serious variety part time jobs and internships. I've always felt my path leaning towards fashion, but which particular aspect of the industry has been a bit unclear.

Then came Jenna Lyons, the creative director of J. Crew. She spearheaded J. Crew's brand makeover that took them from a dated, preppy classic to a fresh outpost of stylish sophistication and casual cool. She's an icon for girls everywhere as a woman in the fashion industry who's as succesful and smart as she is stylish.

The other day I was browsing the latest J. Crew catalog, and as I took in the gorgeous images and cravable ensembles I realized - I could so do that. Forever, for a living.

Further investigation on the J. Crew website as well as viewing this piece from Oprah (via the Huffington Post) has only further confirmed that my current life goal is to be the next Jenna Lyons.

Behold her life, her apartment, her kid, her closet.

(and note her striped shirt!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

the. spring. jacket.

Ecote Surplus Jacket, $78.00 at Urban Outfitters

I didn't want to title this post "I have yet another new boyfriend" because I thought that might make me sound flighty or something, but, I kind of do. He's tough, yet totally in touch with his feminine side. He's sexy and casual... ok, ok, enough with the man-metaphors.

I tried on this jacket at Urban Outfitters over the weekend and instantly fell in love. It has a great relaxed fit, but with a synchable drawstring at the natural waist, it can instantly take on a more polished silhouette.

I'll blog it soon - I'm pretty sure its going to be really saucy with my black mini-skirt or with super skinny jeans.

coachella x the cobrasnake


Thursday, April 22, 2010

homegrown + earth day ...

If you didn't do your part on Earth Day, at least eat sandwiches from people who do theirs.

Get (my fav) crab cake, bacon + avocado here, and read about their delicious adventures here.

(photo via the Sandwhich Lab Blog, hope you dont mind guys!)

just monkeying around...

Speaking of Polaroid, I just thought you guys might enjoy this gem snapped by my dad at my 5th birthday party.

Yep, that's me and a chimp in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt.

Hope that brightened your Thursday :)

{outfit post} april showers bring may flowers...

Ahhh, my backyard smells like spring! And I totally forgot to blog this great tunic i picked up at H & M a few weeks ago. It's pretty much perfect. I can wear it as a dress or over my jeggings and either way works. In the upper left it's paired with my Paige Verdugo Jeggings, Lucky Brand boots, Anthropologie scarf and vintage Ray Ban Wayfarers. In the bottom right I have on an assortment of bangles, J. Crew knee socks and Hunter Wellingtons... and little Zoe.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

poppin' bottles...

"On a recent Thursday night around 2 a.m., 1Oak is packed. The tables, U-booths near the D.J., are spotted with candles and spired with bottles of Grey Goose. Under the jaundiced glow of the spotlights, there are hands on rears and girls in small dresses and men in shiny striped shirts. They have carefully chosen their clothes and they have spent time in front of mirrors trimming hair from nostrils and tonight is about sex and status and supply and demand and have and have not. After Jay-Z and Lady Gaga have had their third and fourth plays of the evening, thumping up from the floor comes the Kings of Leon, their song “Use Somebody.” The general-admission crowds dance, and the table crowds dance a little more woodenly, a little more entitledly, with their finger pads on their tables. The promoters are dancing with the models and the waitresses are dancing with the bottles and everybody finds a place on the floor."

That's an exert from a great article in New York magazine my friend Duncan sent to me about nightclub culture, table service, "half-hookers" and what it all means for the Tiger Woods of the world.

Check out Rachel Uchitel Is Not a Madam.

finally, some instant gratification...

A while back, I posted about The Impossible Project (after discovering The Singular). These people were on a mission to create new film for vintage Polaroid cameras. I checked back at their Web site frequently, but rarely saw updates. I was beginning to wonder if their project really was impossible.

As it turns out, the Impossible Project was indeed possible. In a factory in Enschede (NL), Impossible Film Production has released more than 10 different types of instant analog film to use with Polaroid cameras.

Once it stops being out of stock, I can't wait to purchase some of the 600 film to use with my dad's Polaroid. I have so many amazing polaroids from my childhood, I really look forward to making some new-yet-awesomely vintage-looking images of my 20s-hood.

The 600 speed film runs about $22 for ten images, which is pricey, but fair compared to the $36 it costs (on average) to buy the vintage film on

mid-week music moment...

No it's not another La Roux song, I promise.

This week I picked a delicious remix of Florence + The Machine's "You've Got The Love" featuring the XX.

Pretty much just so sexy and perfect. That's all.

Happy Wednesday, xoxo.


PS: If you don't know Florence + the Machine yet, go back to my {Coachella Dreaming} playlist from last week and listen to "Dog Days Are Over." It's a gem.)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the hair. the voice. the jacket.

You guys.

La Roux was OOC.

Out. Of. Control.

Yes, she's is a badass. And only 21. And yes, we got really close.

(Amazing... from Ali's phone)

Then we got a little too close to some innebriated teenage girls who were wearing the drinks they had already attempted to digest. Really. So we joined the more civilized 21+ crowd in the bar area.

This time baby, I'll beeeee.... Bulletprooooof....

Dancin' shoes...

The cherry blossoms were doing something sort of magical in the lights...

Monday, April 19, 2010

La Roux @ the showbox Market tonight...

Goodie! Goodie! Goodie!

I am so so very excited to see La Roux tonight.

I am going to sing and dance my face off, and report back tomorrow.

(I can't wait to see what she wears, and I hope she's not to exhausted from Coachella this past weekend!)

Hope to see you hipster-electro-dance-party-loving-readers there :)


{dressing the part} An Education...

Karina and I watched An Education on Saturday afternoon. I absolutely loved it. Love, love loved it. The film was so well done and Carrie Mulligan was stunning throughout. She comes across very much as an Audrey Hepburn for our generation; in her looks of course, but also her presence on screen.
The scenes in Paris totally took me back to the trip I took last year, and so, were naturally my favorite. However, delicious style moments happened throughout...

{Been there, done that}

"One of the boys I dated, and they were boys, suggested that we go to Paris and I said I'd always wanted to see Paris. As if I'd never been..."

"Studying is hard and boring. Teaching is hard and boring. So, what you're telling me is to be bored, and then bored, and finally bored again, but this time for the rest of my life? This whole stupid country is bored! There's no life in it, or color, or fun! It's probably just as well the Russians are going to drop a nuclear bomb on us any day now. So my choice is to do something hard and boring, or to marry my... Jew, and go to Paris and Rome and listen to jazz, and read, and eat good food in nice restaurants, and have fun! It's not enough to educate us anymore Ms. Walters. You've got to tell us why you're doing it."

Definitely my kind of movie, one of my new favorites for sure.

Friday, April 16, 2010

the last chills of spring...

Ahhhh Mr. Newton is fast becoming my street style bible...
...and these shots from Paris perfectly capture this transitional time between spring attitudes and wintery temperatures.