Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{want & need} i think the east coast is getting to me...

I've been debating internally between the LL Bean duck boots and the Sorel Caribou snow boots for some time. It seems I'm going to spend a lot of time this winter tromping around in dirty snow, so I better look good doing it. Or at the very least, not completely unfortunate (and waterlogged). I've concluded that I'm just going to get really preppy with my West Coast self and layer up my feetsies with J. Crew camp socks and the above LL Bean boots. And you know what? I'm really excited about it. Honestly thought, I think they are quite a bit lighter and more feminine than the Sorels.

Sidenote: The photo and text above looks to be the work of Garance Dore, but I found it via How To Talk To Girls At Parties. Are you familiar? This gentleman also writes Sartorially Inclined, another great man-blog catering to fashionable straight guy style that I just added to the blogroll. Get familiar.

...And then someone please get me some Maine Hunting Shoes 10" for Christmas. It's easy, I promise. They're available here through LL Bean. (I'm an 8.)

Oh and also, I'm into the shearling-lined ones too, which you can find here. Happy tromping :)


  1. Helpful hint-LL Bean has the best customer service in the world, if you're not 100% satisfied (this could apply to any aspect of the product) they'll completely replace it. I've been wearing their wicked good moccasins since pretty much birth. Love your blog.

  2. My boyfriend just got these... and I covet them! They look so comfy.

  3. oooo these are so cute! You know for a while I've never thought to buy anything from them. I always thought it was just a place my parents shopped at but they have really cute stuff from checking out their website, thanks:)

  4. Hey! Are these 8" or 10" LL Bean boots?

  5. Hey! Are these 8" or 10" LL Bean boots?