Friday, December 10, 2010

tgif... the new anthem

It's probably true that from the outside, New Yorkers come across as a little too proud of their city, and every song that seems to be about it. I'm by no means really a New Yorker yet, but I totally fall prey to the excitement over songs like "Empire State of Mind" and "Top of the World." (What? You don't remember that second one? It was the theme of The City, you guys, and it's amazing.) Anyway, my new NYC anthem has been discovered: Cee Lo Green's "Bright Lights, Bigger City."

Now Friday's cool, but there's something about Saturday night

You can't say what you won't do, cause you know that you just might

I'm alive this evening, it was love at first sight

This Saturday, and every Saturday for the rest of my life

Everyone's standing in line, yeah looking good and looking for a real good time

So I'll never have to wonder if, I'll have someone to share all of this with

It's alright...

Bright lights and the big city, it belongs to us tonight

*Ok, this song is clearly Saturday-centric, but I don't post on Saturdays because I'm too busy partying, so enjoy it now!

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