Monday, December 20, 2010

{SUILTSOY presents} the best posts of 2010...

...As chosen by, you guessed it, me! It's been a big year for me, and for SUILTSOY. I really can't say enough thanks to all of you whom I know and whom I don't, who take a few moments out of your day or your week to read this little blog of mine. I try my best to keep it fresh and interesting, and I hope to only get better in 2011!

This year was incredible for many reasons (readership growth, an award, New York Fashion Week shows, photo shoots, a certain striped shirt that just wouldn't go away, for starters!) and I owe it all to you, my darling readers. So join me won't you, in a look back at the best of SUILTSOY, 2010:

Do you think I missed one? If you have a favorite post from the year, I'd love to know what it was because a) compliments make me feel special and b) then I can do more posts like it to keep bringing you back!

Just a little FYI, I'm heading back to Seattle tomorrow! Woopee! There will be some serious R & R, tons of family time and home-cooked meals, reunions with friends, beers at the Duchess, perhaps a lap around Candy Cane Lane, and as much time behind the wheel of a car as I can manage. After Christmas, I'm off to Sun Valley, Idaho for a week of skiing and apres skiing, more family time, and more skiing. Hopefully, it wont leave much time for blogging. I hope that during this little hiatus, you'll also be busy spending face time with friends and family, and give the ol' computer a couple days off. It's good for your brain, trust me.

There may be a post here and there, but you can look forward to the triumfant, full-force return of SUILTSOY in 2011, with outfits and adventures and perhaps a couple of new secret projects I may have in the works.

Happy, merry, cheerful, joyous, delicious and fabulous holidays to you and yours!


  1. Hey, the links in this post don't work, they just bring you to on sugar's homepage...

  2. @emmett Katherine, unfortunately these posts are from my old platform, and i deleted that blog. to see these posts you would have to go deep back into my archives here on blogspot. sorry!