Thursday, December 30, 2010

{outfit post} Sun Valley, then & now...

Sometimes, I'm really thankful I didn't have a blog four years ago. Strange to think, but there are some sartorial choices I made then that I just absolutely wouldn't make now. That's just a product of the ebb and flow of fashion, but it's interesting to look back at from time to time. In this glorious winter wonderland of Sun Valley, there are certain pairings that have stood the test of time and trends; down jackets and designer sunglasses being one of them. So how different could my look really be this time around?

Roll with me on this, and lets just take a little stroll down memory lane (thanks, Facebook) and see what's changed from 2007 to 2010:

2007: no label vintage hat; Christian Dior sunglasses; Cashmere Wrappings pashmina; The North Face jacket; American Apparel deep V; Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan; J Brand black jeans; Ugg Ausralia boots; Louis Vuitton bag; Betsey Johnson scarf; faux pearls.

2010: Slouchy hat and infinity scarf c/o D&Y Accessories; Ray Ban aviators; Gap turtleneck sweater; American Apparel deep V; ski leggings; Kristen Blake down jacket; Ugg Austraila boots; Zoe the dog.

Oh hey 2007  girl, aren't you trendy! The thing that strikes me right away about look number one here is that I am actively trying to wear as many noticable labels at one time as I can. From the uber-trendy Uggs to my classic but obvious Louis Vuitton Speedy to the comically huge Dior shades, It's just too, too, you know? I still own all these things; I love them and I wear them. But my style now, comparitively, is like going from being a gluttonous eater to a normal, healthy person: it's all about moderation.

So at the core, my Sun Valley style hasn't really changed that much. Those are the same Ugg boots. I also know I'm wearing an American Apparel deep V in both outfits, and a sweater I bought on sale from (wince) Abercrombie and Gap, respectively. Clearly, I still really love layering and black skinny pants, as well as a good contrasting scarf-and-hat combo with my designer shades. In my outfit from yesterday though, the only brand that's easily distinguishable is - drum roll please - my new, polarized Ray Ban aviators.

Editor's note: I know, I know, the Ugg boots. I spoke so judgily of them here, and posted alternative options here. Yet I am there, wearing the darn things. With toasty warm and comfy feat, I hang my head in shame. I'm still planning on getting these, but bare with me (and my budget).


  1. don't be so hard on yourself. conspicuous consumption was much more in vogue in 2007. love the new look.

  2. Nothing has still throw the peace sign in EVERY photo.

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