Thursday, December 9, 2010

hey pretty baby with the high heels on...

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to shoes. I live for ballet flats and riding boots, and when I step out in high heels it's a serious, serious occasion. I point them out to everyone, applaud myself for my daring choice, and spend way too long admiring my elongated legs in the mirror. Even after four months in the offices of ELLE magazine, where heels are de rigeur and I often found myself bug-eyed & envious over Kate Lanphear's incredibly fierce style (most notebley her Balenciaga heels), I still wore flats almost every day.

Now, I am definitely privy to the same lip-smacking reactions that most fashionistas have towards truly amazing footwear, but it never ends up being my investment piece. It's almost always a bag, instead. Lately though, I've been staring into the crowded abyss of my seriously downsized New York wardrobe, and the jumble of shoes vying for space on the over-the-door rack in my closet, and feeling that something is amiss.

Perfect LBD? Check.

A few choice vintage pieces? Check.

Jeans that actually fit my body? Check. (J Brand, bien sur.)

A perfect handbag for any occasion? Check. (I'm almost positive about this one.)

A big, bad, career-girl-in-the-city suit? Check. (Theory)

Traffic-stopping, pulse-raising, put-them-on-a-pedestal, worship-worthy shoes? Uhmmm... About that...

I have this nagging feeling that my clothes are secretly a little mad at me. The other day I think I heard my crisp, Theory blazer whisper, "Why don't you ever wear me with boyfriend jeans and 4.5-inch-high suede wedges? It's so sad."

It seems my well-rounded-but-dotted-with-superfluous-treats wardrobe is perhaps hankering for an equally WRBDWST selection of shoes. (Yes, I just acronym-ed that super long dashed descriptor.)

So here's what I have:

Do you see a problem here? A repetition problem? All these pairs are sling back and open-toe. That's like having three different sweaters that are all gray and v-neck. I love them all, but they certainly aren't diverse. Per the usual, I can't actually afford to revamp my shoe closet completely at the moment, but here's what I'm dreaming of...

$856.56 by Balenciaga at mytheresa

That's right, a wildly expensive pair of Balenciaga booties - suede ones too. They are probably hard to walk in, and certainly not weather resistant, and therefore pretty impractical. Perfect. These would be absolutely killer with tights and a mini skirt, I am pretty sure.

$1,795.00 by Christian Louboutin at Bergdorf Goodman

Meow? These Loubs are pretty crazy, but in all the right ways. In most cases, animal print can function as a neutral, and add an unexpected twist to any outfit. The lace-up boot style gives it more of a daytime appeal, and I could see myself charging into an office to take on the day in these heels (and then probably putting myself in slippers to take myself home).

$325.00 by Rock & Republic at Neiman Marcus

Ahh, I just feel like these are so powerful! How could people not take you seriously in these? The neutral blush tone would go with the majority of my wardrobe, but the studs add such a cool-factor. I'd probably just have to be careful crossing my legs.

$950.00$665.00 by Lanvin at Zoe

Ok I know were talking about heels in this post, but I think if I had a closet full of Lanvin ballet flats I could die happy. They have the perfect toe shape (so hard to find!) and that little bit of scrunch that makes them extra comfortable. A great pair of flats like this can make even the simplest errand-running outfit feel a little glamorous.

I don't know anything about these shoes except that I saw them on Le Fashion, they are Alexander Wang SS11, and they were the inspiration behind this blog post. I looked at them and thought, "You know, footwear is one of the most playful and creative ways to own your wardrobe and really express yourself. Why on earth don't I take a chance, and wear some funky, crazy, tall, shoes!?"

$556.00$500.40 by Prada at Bluefly

I mean, these are just straight-up sexy. Tall, patent leather, platform, and with the added bonus of the ankle strap. Leave it to Prada.

$190.00$127.00 by Dolce Vita at Neiman Marcus

I love, love, love these Dolce Vitas for summer. However, is that surprising? They're open toe, brown woven, a reasonable price and have an "easy to spend a few hours in" wedge heel. My idea of heaven in a warm-weather sandal.

So what does this mean? A leopard can't change it's spots? Probably. But I'm going to try my damnedest to paint something different over them every now and then. Wait... I don't know if that makes any sense...





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  1. Fun post! I always think shoes are hard to invest in because I feel like they wear out so quickly, especially if you are trying to get your money's worth... but sometimes you just have to splurge! Those Alexander Wang heels are funky and awesome! You are lucky because I feel like if you live in New York you can get away with wearing pretty much anything and people wont look at you like you are completely psycho, like they sometimes do in So Cal :)