Monday, December 13, 2010

festive in the city...

I know this blog is not really a forum for photos of my personal life, but what the heck, it's the Holidays. We've had lots of festive fun over the past month or so, from birthday dinners to hosting a big ol' Thanksgiving at our apartment, to hosting a big ol' birthday party in the key of Christmas... I just can't hold it in. So I'm giving you the option right now to just look at the photo below, think to yourself, "Neat. Moving on..." and just scroll right past. However, if you want to see some more, please be my guest and click on through.

After an epically delicious birthday dinner for Tully at Lucali, we stopped by our local Irish pub for birhday shots. (It was chilly)

Tully and Gina looking so cute and warm.

I may or may not need a bang trim... but this is a great picture.

Thanksgiving in our little apartment was actually quite a success...

Football in the background... That we aren't watching.

Festive decor in our apartment for the big dual "Holibirthday" party for Tully & Moira

Gina & I in our festive outfits

The tree...

We hung mini discoballs from the lights... It was perfection.

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  1. What fun! Your blog is delightful...and I love the NYC vibe, being that I am love with that city. Happy Holidays!