Thursday, December 2, 2010

blogroll update: for the prepsters & the men folk...

I have a feeling that in a short matter of time, my blogroll will exceed the length of my homepage. It seems that by the day, week and month, I am gathering a larger and larger database of really amazing style blogs. With some of them, when scrolling through for the first time, I have literally exclaimed out loud, "How had I never seen this before!?" Of course, in this crazy community we call the blog-o-sphere (maybe only nerds call it that? Whatever.) there are really too many blogs to feasibly keep up with.

A girl can try, though, even when she's not really trying. Yesterday, while scouring the internet for a project at ELLE (on my last day, by the way), I found a few new additions for the SUILTSOY blogroll (don't tell the boss lady). So without further delay, please feast your style-starved eyes on some top drawer blogs:

Unabashedly Prep

The Style Blogger

The Social Primer

Textbook - What Would Holden Caufield Wear?


Ivy Style

These blogs are man-centric, PITA-esque, or a combination of both in their content base, but they are all worth a look at least for their aesthetic and the quality of writing and photography, even if neither of those descriptors are really you. (PITA is a handy acronym from Ivy Style, meaning Preppy-Ivy-Trad-Americana.) In my ongoing quest to define my personal style, the words "preppy" and "menswear" tend to throw themselves in there every now and then, so I think it's only fitting to put some inspiration in the blogroll.

(Image via Unabashedly Prep)

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  1. This is awesone! I was just thinking the other day that I never see any blogs written by men, so it is great to see that the boys are having just as much fun out there on the internet as we girls are!