Tuesday, December 14, 2010

answering some reader mail....

Over the past couple of months, I've recieved more email questions from you guys than usual. And for that I am so grateful! It is seriously such a thrill, and each and every email/message makes me so happy. My apologies though, I've been rather slow in getting back to you, my curious darlings. So without further ado, let's talk shop. (Names have been withheld for privacy.)

Miss C in Phoenix, AZ writes:

I'm a 17 year old living in Phoenix, AZ and I'm desperate for unique clothes that aren't terribly expensive. I've been looking through online boutiques and have come across some good ones but they're all CA based. That's great (because I do love Cali) BUT I also want to see some NY ones.

So here's my question:
Do you know any good NY boutiques with an online store?

Please & Thank you.

Well Miss C, truthfully, I'm not much of an online shopper. I so enjoy the act of going into stores and trying things on and letting sales people try and sell me things I don't want... Just kidding! But, I do have a hard time with fit, so if I shop online, it's usually for accessories or shoes. I did think this was an interesting question though. I'll have to do some more deep research but off the top of my head, if you're looking for online shops that tend to clothe the people of New York City, I would start with these:

ASOS necklaceOpening Ceremony - The prices vary from normal to super expensive, and it's a great source of very on-trend items.

Topshop - Ok, this is extremely international and not at all a boutique, but everyone in NYC shops their Soho store for their basics and beyond.

Shoegasm - This shoe boutique has three NYC locations, and many brands you can find anywhere, but a few like Chelsea Crew and Navid O Nadia that I had never seen before.

Oak - very NYChic, can be pricey though. Start with the under $50 and under $100 sections!

ASOS - I don't think they have a brike-and-mortar store, but this is one of my favorite online shopping sites. Fantastic prices, trendy finds.

Other than that, especially when it comes to shopping like a gal on a budget (I would know!) your best bet is often with national retailers like F21, Urban Outfitters, Intermix, Madewell, Nordstrom, etc. As much as New Yorkers love to toot their horn about the amazing shopping out here, it's a lot of very expensive boutiques that rarely have online counterparts.

Happy shopping Miss C, let me know how you fare!

Next, Miss S from Seattle writes,

I just found your blog and really enjoy reading it! I liked it even more when I saw that you are from Seattle, because that is where I live. Anyway, I was wondering if you had suggestions for good vintage boutiques around here-- I'm always looking for more places to explore!

Best regards from the 206.

Well Miss S,

Hands down, the vintage shop in Seattle where I have the most success is Le Frock. That's where I found most of my gold chains, and most especially the New York necklace. (It will be shopping stop #2, directly after Nordstrom, when I arrive home for Christmas.) Capitol Hill is definitely the neighborhood to scour if you're looking for vintage, check out places like The Pretty Parlor (the decor is reason enough to drop in) and Isadora's on 1st Ave. I've also had some wonderful treasure hunting adventures in Fremont at the Fremont Vintage Mall and one other little place whose name I can't seem to find, but the address is 3501 N 36th St (next to Bliss). They have amazing, amazing things, especially jewelry. Also, don't forget that you can find some really good things at places like Crossroads Trading and Buffalo Exchange, both of whom have locations all over town.

Hope that's helpful, let me know if you find anything incredible!

Keep the questions coming my friends, I love it!


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