Wednesday, November 24, 2010

{weekend essentials} Thanksgiving...

Oh, Thanksgiving. That one special night a year when overeating is an art form. When it's not only acceptable but encouraged to literally pile an array of dishes onto one large plate, and then drown the entire thing in salty gravy. Meanwhile, gathered around the table, the red wine flows and conversation and laughter come out in muffled, sporadic bursts between bites. Then comes my favorite part, clearing the table, only to set it again with smaller plates, apportioned with both a slice of pumpkin and a slice of apple pie. Perhaps just a sip more wine to wash it down... You get the picture. If you ask me, the key to a perfect Thanksgiving outfit that is both chic and forgiving - is black leggings. From this basic item you can build a feasting outfit perfect for any table. For a dressier affair, add a loose, sleeved, sequin top that hits properly (below the hip), put your hair up in a messy 'do and sleek flats. For dinner with your family, keep it casual with a boyfriend button down, but maybe throw a on a faux fur vest and some funky flats or OTK boots. For an experimental home-cooked dinner in your NYC apartment with your roommates and friends (eh-hem...) a cozy oversized sweater and statement necklace with boots or flats should do the trick.

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