Thursday, November 18, 2010

walk like a man...

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to my new shoes. If you've been following my fashionable rants and raves of late, you'll recall that I have been jonesing for a pair of oxfords (brogues?) FOREVER! Since last fall I think. Which is sort of ridiculous. I chalk it up to waiting for the right pair at the right price. So... Ta Da! These gems are by Navid O Nadia, and I found them at my favorite little shoe boutique in the Meatpacking, Shoegasm. Don't worry though, I'm not that cool, it's an NYC shop with locations all around town. Anyway, they are phenomenally comfortable and I've been wearing them out on the town, to work and evidently - to kick around in Central Park. You Like? I'm obsessed with the cognac color and i am still desperately trying to find / afford a pair of boots in that same color.

You can buy them online here! The best part? They're only $60.

{Also in these photos is my Kelsi bag c/o Kooba, my usual arm candy (MK watch; vintage and Tiffany bracelets), plus a Marc by Marc Jacbos bone bangle I picked up when I first moved to NYC.}


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  1. love them! i ended up buying the SM oxfords seenhere: and they're my hipster shoes haha. too bad they got near destroyed when the giants won and beer was poured all over everyone. oh well, it was worth it :)