Thursday, November 18, 2010

some fall musings from the blog-o-sphere...

I get so much inspiration from fashion blogs on a daily basis that sometimes it can be just a little too much to comprehend. And sometimes I just feel like putting up post after post of other people's outfits and photos, but I try to produce at least some original content. At this point this week, though, I'm over it. There are so many great photos full of inspiration for how to layer up and look amazing this Fall/Winter...

This one is from Hanneli. I absolutely love the luxe combination of lace and fur.

It's amost too cold now to pull off this sweet combination shot by The Sartorialsist, but it would still work with tights.

Great cable knit from Jak & Jil

Karla's super-do-able combo of printed scarf, button down, an oversized clutch, skinnies & chunky heels is rather perfect.

Ahhh, I absolutely love Late Afternoon's combo of a cool neutral cape and ikat printed scarf.

Simple, comfortable, and black on Stylsightings.

This is a great example of neutral layers done right from Vanessa Jackman. THough, I'm not sure you can layer them wrong...

To-die-for jacket on Stil in Berlin.

{PS - I didn't hyperlink these blogs because you can access them all on the right-hand side of mine, under "shut up, i love these other blogs on you...}

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