Monday, November 1, 2010

{outfit post} halloween eve...

Yes! I finally did it! This year for Halloween I dressed as one of my favorite fashion designers - Karl Lagerfeld. It was actually a very easy costume to throw together, but the effect was pretty phenomenal. The main ingredient? White hair spray.

H&M white button down; BDG jeggings; Steve Madden shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses, faux pearls; Aldo gloves; tie borrowed from downstairs neighbor (all topped off with Moira's J. Crew Collection tux jacket.

With Moira as Cabaret and Tully as Taylor Momsen...

With Rachel as a kittie...

We couldn't get a real cab to save our lives, so we boldly went where usually only tourists go, and took a pedi-cab to the party.

We took the L train circa 3 am... with about 1000 other people. And then found a picture frame on the street.

So much fashion & angst.

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