Tuesday, November 2, 2010

musings on mr. perfect...

A while back, actually probably about two months ago, Tully, Moira and I popped across the street to this funny little bar called Flight 151. On Tuesday nights they have a 'flip for your drink' special that we rather enjoy. If you correctly guess heads or tails, your drink is free; if not, you pay. So simple, and so addicting. Anyway, the other great part about this bar is that they have crate paper and crayons at every table. And I loooove to doodle. To inspire the girls, I proposed that we each illustrate our idea of "Mr. Perfect." It lead to a pretty hilarious conversation and some outlandish criterion. Here's mine:

Who is this guy? Lets see. He has great hair. He is a fantastic photographer. He has a great sense of humor. He skis, and potentially has a cabin in Sun Valley. He brings me peonies and wine, regularly. He dresses phenomenally (yet masculinely). He has a big, friendly dog.

Oh, and we can't forget he has a big family. (That's them in the frame.) In the distance you can see that Moira has drawn a rather grandiose castle... Ahh, to dream. On a similar note, Tully and I had a pretty hilarious g-chat conversation about the pursuit of a good man recently...

SUILTSOY: I just teared up for the second time during a movie, today.  Watching You've Got Mail. What a banner day for emotional stability.

HaileyJamar: LOL. That movie's not even remotely sad.

SUILTSOY: I know! I was just so happy for Meg and Tom... Good lord. I think I need a perfect boy to fall in love with me ASAP so this kind of behavior stops, and I can start living my own romantic comedy set in New York City, and starring me.

HaileyJamar: Right? I couldn't agree more. Or at least get me someone to late night text...

SUILTSOY: Totally. Where is he?

a couple minutes go by....

HaileyJamar: You know when you're hungry and you're like "i want a delicious club sandwich", and then you get hungrier and your like, "honestly just find me a place that has turkey sandwiches," and then you get so hungry that you don't even know what you're craving? i feel like i just want a good crush and I forget what my type even is. I mean, you and I hit on a bisexual last night. On Halloween. Who was dressed as the lucky charms guy.

SUILTSOY: hahahahahahahahahaahaha, that was so much information. And such a funny memory.
HaileyJamar: Well, I just like to come up with a good metaphor.

SUILTSOY: Wait, what? I thought you really wanted that turkey club. Like, to eat. and I thought, man she is all over the place today!


SUILTSOY: But I mean, you're exactly right. Like, i want my breakfast sandwich with the hash-brown in the middle and the avocado, but i'd take the bacon, egg, and cheese as long as it at least has mustard on it.

HaileyJamar: See? And, speaking of which, I'm actually starving. Bye!

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