Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{mailbag} getting fancy in Nashville...


I am going to this super exclusive nashville party at this store called Billy Reid. Its very Ralph Lauren meets Rugby meets J. Peterman. I am also the entertainments date... BAH! What should I wear so that I look hot but also sophisticated and able to hang with the fashionistas of Nashville? HELP ME!


Dressy in Tennessee

Imagine my surprise and delight to recieve a mailbag email last week from my most favorite and most dahhhllling (newly) southern belle. I have been itching to unleash some specified sartorial guidance for quite some time! (You, too, can email shutupilovethat.shirtonyou[at]gmail.com with your fashionable queries.)

We've got fashionable people at a fashionable boutique. We've got music people. It's Nashville. It's a little bit fancy and a little bit funky, right? If I had to visualize the combination of RL, J. Peterman, my friend and hot-ly sophisticated... Here's where I would start:

I'm thinking fall florals. Not in-your-face bright and vivid florals, the kind of florals that are set against a dark background and look delicious with cozy grey cardigans or dressed up with opaque black tights. I think these prints have sort of a vintage 90s Ralph Lauren attitude. The above dresses by Juicy Couture, Anna Sui and Thakoon (respectively) are definitely girly but cool. I would pair a dress like this, like I said, with opaque tights (grey could be cool!) and a killer wedge or chunky heel. I always feel that a chunky-but-high heel gives that idea of I'm-cool-and-fashionable-and-a-little-fancy-but-I'm-not-even-trying-that-hard.

L.A.M.B., Elizabeth & James, DV by Dolce Vita, Steve Madden (respectively)

You could also be bold and wear a fur vest over your dress if it's not too cold. I like this one:

This vest is the right balance of not-too-hairy and not-too-notice-me puffy or dramatic. ($69.00 by BB Dakota at Piperlime). If it doesn' seem like the right move, a boyfriend blazer or surplus jacket would also up the cool factor.

These jackets are Delias, TopShop, and American Eagle, respectively. I think the pairing of a feminine piece and a masculine piece (a floral dress and a structured jacket) is a can't-lose chic combination. Finally, the accessories:

I'm really into long pendant necklaces right now, and something like one of these will make a statement but not compete with the rest of your outfit.

The last step is just to throw some hot lipstick in your favorite clutch, take the arm of your hot date, and work the room like it's going out of style.

Hope this helps, have fun & send SUILTSOY a pic :)


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