Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hey gramps...

On Sunday evening, my roommates and I ventured out as a quartet (a rare occurrence!) to do some self-indulgent holiday shopping. Being the lucky little 20-somethings we are, we live just a couple of blocks over from that magical shopping street known as 5th Avenue. We bundled up tight and braced ourselves against the pitch black 6 p.m. skies and chilly winds and started our browsing at Urban Outfitters. Visiting this store has become somewhat of a traumatic experience for me, now that I no longer receive a company discount, but I can't stay away. True to form, UO was brimming with glittery dresses, furry coats and all sorts of kitchy gifts. Much to my surprise though, the only item I can't get out of my head is this:

$68.00 by BDG at Urban Outfitters

Ahh, I love it. It's very fisherman-meets-grandfather-meets-Hemingway in Sun Valley (I think...). I love both the mustard and cream colors, but it also comes in a really great, deep red and navy blue. A classic, chunky, cable knit cardigan is something that feels so right during this heritage/Americana moment that fashion is having, but can be filed into the 'buy now, love forever' category, too.

By the way, can you tell it's finally getting colder in NYC? It seems all I can blog about is really cozy, warm things...

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