Monday, November 15, 2010

have you played with Picnik yet?

You guys, I have to tell you about my new obsession. No it's not a fabulous cape, or a great pair of brown leather boots. It's a website. Have you ever been to It's a really simple but amazing photo-editing site. You can upload pictures from anywhere (your computer, Facebook, Picassa, Flickr, etc) and edit them with standard tecniques and all sorts of cool features. My favorite ones allow you to round out the edges, give images a 1960s tint, add text or stickers, two-tone or give them a Lomo vibe. For example...

I call this one King Karl.

Silly, I know. But it's wildly entertaining for someone like me who lives for making photos look better than reality!

I seriously recommend it if you've never checked it out.

Stay tuned for more fun from Picnik, I doubt I'll be able to control myself.

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