Monday, November 8, 2010

{brand obsession} J. Crew...

I know, I know, this is nothing new. We all know I worship the ballet flats that Jenna Lyons walks in, and pretty much take her word as the gospel of fashion. OK, maybe not quite that seriously, but the woman has impeccable taste and her aesthetic makes me want to go fully head-to-toe J. Crew on many occasions. In a sort of happy accident, I found myself locked out of my apartment, in the limbo of the foyer, with only a cast-off J. Crew holiday catalog to keep myself entertained. I must have dog-earred at least six pages on my first go-round. As always, I was enchanted by the styling. Everything - from the most simple and soft cotton tees to the wildly sparkling costume jewelery - looked utterly wearable and completely necessary for my winter wardrobe. I was especially taken by the specially-made J.Crew + Minnetonka booties with shearling lining. I also think I may be coming around to the idea of a pair of heeled oxfords! Anyway, if someone could just wrap up everything in their latest catalog and send it my way with a big bow on top, that would be great.

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